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Date Change For Campbell Orchestra Concert, And Grade 10-12 Uniform And Photo Information

We hope that you are able to join us for the Campbell Orchestra Concert featuring Campbell’s String Orchestra, several small ensembles, and our special guest performers Campbell Grade 9 Voices.  Please note that this concert was rescheduled from Monday to Tuesday, June 11th at 7:00pm, in the Campbell Auditorium. Come celebrate our final concert with this wonderful group of student performers!

Below are some additional important notices for all Grade 10-12 Music Students and their families regarding uniform items, as well as where to find photos from the Banff Senior Music Tour:

1) ALL GRADE 10-12 MUSIC STUDENTS: Please Return your Vest/Scarf

After Tuesday night’s String Orchestra Concert, we will have completed all the concert performances for this year. Therefore, all Campbell Music vests and green scarves should have been returned. However, we recognize that some students may have missed the opportunity to do so, and so Lynette Farquhar will be in Practice Room A on Friday, June 14th at noon to collect them and obtain students’ initials to confirm their return.

2) ALL GRADE 10-12 “VEST/TIE UNIFORM” STUDENTS: Return your Black Campbell Music Tie

When you first received your vest, you also received a black Campbell Music tie, and then this fall you also received a new green tie. We have discovered that the black ties are more suitable for some performances, such as Remembrance Day ceremonies, and so would like to recover as many of them as possible. Could you please locate your black Campbell Music tie and bring it to Practice Room A on Friday, June 14th at noon, or if you aren’t able to bring it at that time, we will have a labelled box in the Bairds’ office to collect them.

3) ALL GRADE 12 “DRESS UNIFORM” STUDENTS: Consider Donating or Selling your Black Concert Dress

For our graduating seniors, we welcome donations of your black concert dress, and will provide a $50 charitable donation receipt if you provide the name and address of the person to whom we should make out the receipt, and enclose this in a bag with your dress. Dresses can be donated in Practice Room A on Friday, June 14th at noon or dropped off in the Bairds’ office at any time before the end of the school year. Alternatively, you may wish to sell your dress to an incoming Grade 10 music student; CAMPA does not coordinate the buying/selling of dresses, but will post a “Used Campbell Music Concert Dresses for Sale” sheet on the bulletin board in the music hallway where you can list your name, contact number, and the standard ladies’ size that you usually wear (as an estimate of the dress size) so that any interested grade 9 students can connect directly with you. We recommend that you complete this information before final exams begin so that grade 9’s have an opportunity to check the postings before they decide if they will order a new dress to be sewn over the summer.


CAMPA is pleased to provide our music families with access to numerous Banff Senior Music Tour photos, available to view and/or download. CAMPA’s Flickr site is at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/campaphotos/albums  The photos in the six albums listed by ensemble name were taken by the professional photographer at the music festival, plus there are candid shots taken by Tery Anderson and Lynette Farquhar (thanks Tery and Lynette!). Please feel free to share this site with your friends and extended family members.


Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at the Campbell Orchestra Concert on Tuesday night!
Your Campbell Music Team

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