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Campbell Music Classes in 2020-2021: FAQ 1

Dear Campbell Families,

Welcome back to a new year of music at Campbell. This year is going to be different but we’re making every effort to make it as fulfilling as possible. We’re aware that you may have some questions, so we’ll try to answer them as best we can in advance. Feel free to email us with any other questions you may have.

  1. Are music classes being offered at Campbell this year?
    Absolutely yes. All of our off timetable classes are being added into the quint system that Regina Public Schools are using so students will have the opportunity to make music.
  2. How many music classes can a student take?
    Realistically students will likely be able to take one or two music classes this year. Under the quint system students can take a maximum of 10 credits total. There are some classes that are mandatory for credit towards graduations, and some classes student wish to take towards their university aspirations. After that students may pick electives, music being a few of the options available. Student should choose carefully which classes they are taking so there’s room for electives.
  3. What about jazz band, vocal jazz, musical theatre, and orchestra?
    Those classes are being offered in the quint system as well.
  4. What about Wind Ensemble and Chamber Choir
    Both wind ensemble and chamber choir are co-curricular. Currently we cannot run those groups face to face, but are hopeful that will be allowed at a later date. Auditions for those groups will take place shortly and they will run virtually until we’re allowed to rehearse in person.
  5. Are music classes credit classes?
    Absolutely yes. Band, choir, jazz band, vocal jazz, musical theatre, and orchestra are all credit classes that my be used towards graduation.

Our primary concern is to keep students and their families and staff safe. Though this year is going to be unlike anything we have experienced, we are making efforts to ensure that music at Campbell stays vibrant, meaningful and fun.
If you have any questions feel free to email us.

Scott Peters
Jodi Scott
Cynthia Peyson Wahl

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